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Membrane Bioreactors

Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) – When you need consistently high quality effluent, consider Dynatec Systems’ MBR Wastewater Treatment Systems. You can lower your capital and operating costs with a single, compact system Membrane Bioreactorsrequiring minimal operator attention.

Industrial Wastes

Proven membrane technology for difficult industrial applications.

High Strength. The Hi-Rate MBR Wastewater Treatment System provides a solution for high strength and highly variable waste loading in a full range of industrial applications. High quality UF membranes have proven themselves in difficult industrial applications for many years. They bring strengths unmatched by conventional process:

  • Low space requirements
  • Mesophillic and thermophillic processes
  • Efficient step to high quality reuse
  • Physical barrier to bacterial and organic overloads
  • Works efficiently regardless of the load concentrations