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Lean Clean 360 Rotating Basket Parts Washer

Building the Best Rotating Basket Parts Washers for over Forty Years.

  • Easiest Loading Machine
  • Immersion and 360 Rotation

    Lean-Clean 360 Rotating Basket Parts Washer

    Automated Four-Process Tank Indexing Washer with Rotation and Turbulation

  • Rocking Action for Fixtured Parts
  • Powerful Submerged Parts
  • Above Solution Spray
  • Chip Collection Basket
  • Solution Filtration
  • Tubular Ultrasonics with Programmed Purge Cycle for Precision Cleaning
  • One, Two or Four Baskets
  • Wash-Rinse, Dry Cycle
  • Optional Final Fresh-Water Rinse
  • Fastest Drying Cycle
  • PLC with Touchpad and Screen
  • Digital Controls
  • Diagnostic Messages