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Blast Cabinets

ZERO Automation can save you time and money — these systems are the choice of production managers around the globe to meet the demand for higher, more efficient work processes and output. Managers choose ZERO Automation for jobs that call for precision and repeatability, impossible in manual operations. ZERO Automation can significantly reduce the risk of repetitive motion injuries by minimizing the operator’s role in the blasting process.

These systems will enhance your efficiencies and boost your throughput capacity, alleviating production bottlenecks. From simple nozzle oscillation to purpose-built enclosures, ZERO Automation combines proven technology with the latest parts handling and control devices. Each system is designed and built to suit our customer’s application — even the paint color can be custom-specified.

While automated systems require a greater initial investment than manual cabinets, depending upon your application, your investment can quickly pay for itself in labor savings and efficiencies. With a variety of available technologies, ZERO Automation can be designed to accommodate most budgets.