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Surface Dynamics, a manufacturer’s representative and distributor for industrial metal finishing process equipment and supplies, moved to Chelsea in 2005 and is located at 300 N. Main St., Suite 203. The company is also a Chelsea Chamber Small Business of the Year award winner. “Our areas of focus and expertise are precision cleaning (washing, rust inhibiting and drying metal parts after machining or forming processes and prior to assembly), shot blasting, shot peening, and other abrasive blasting machinery processes used in forging, die casting, stamping, painting, plating and other coating factories,” said Paul Schissler. He says they also focus on various mass finishing equipment such as vibratory finishing, centrifugal disc and drag finishing used to deburr, radius edges, and change surface finishes as needed, as well as factory air and liquid cleaning systems. He moved to Chelsea when Surface Dynamics did just over a decade ago. “I like living and working in the same town and find Chelsea to be a wonderful place to live, raise a family, go to dinner or the bar or the brew pub, make friends, recreate, and take advantage of the many opportunities to volunteer time and talent,” Schissler said. He also serves on the Chamber of Commerce Board and in Chelsea’s Rotary Club. (Information courtesy of Chelsea Update)