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Shotblasting Machines for Ceramic Industry

Semi-automatic equipment
Pressure Blasting Cabinets - Type STD

Manual shotblasting cabinets with various table sizes. There are almost no limits to their use due to individual adaptation possibilities with revolving tables, shotblasting nozzle oscillation and pendulum devices, etc.

Fully automatic equipment
Continuous Belt shotblasting machines Type RBD 500-D

Continuous belt shotblasting machine designed for the constant processing of firing aids. All functions in the machine take place automatically. The components are placed in and removed from the machine manually with the basic model. If needed, the appropriate additional equipment can provide for automatic component handling.

Construction characteristics / equipment

  • horizontal oscillating pressure blast gun
  • highly wear-resistant boron carbide blast nozzle
  • shotblasting procedure is controlled by the component recognition device
  • front access lift door with a safety switch
  • parts transport by means a flat, wear-resistant special rubber belt with infinitely adjustable drive
  • bucket elevator with wear-resistant buckets, bolted onto a special bucket elevator belt (optional)
  • separate shotblasting media recirculation equipment with air flow separation, vibration sieve device, shotblasting media supply hopper, and pressure blasting chamber (optional)
  • system control by means of SPS control (Siemens SIMATIC S7) with an operating device OP7
  • high-performance cartridge filter (dry) with automatic filter cleaning
  • Pressure blasting

container with level indicator
container with level indicator

vessel with media level control

application example

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