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Process Water Circulation System

Process Water Circulation Systems serie Turbo- Floc® High-power separators for the continuous cleaning and sediment removal from process liquid.

High-Power Peeling-Centrifuge Series ASS
High-Power Peeling-Centrifuge Series ASS

With High-Power Separators series ASS the separated solid particles are automatically discharged out of the rotor into the movable sludge tank or directly for recycling into the Rösler Öko-Pac.

Process Water Circulation Systems Series HA

With High-Power Separators series HA the discharge of the filtered solids is fast and eficient by simply exchanging the reusable collecting basket.

Z 800 HA Turbo-Floc with effluent water tank

Recycling process water via Turbo – Floc Centrifuge System

Adding as mall quantity of a Rösler circulatory care product, improves the separation efficiency of the centrifuge considerably, when using the turbo-floc system. This is especially true when treating non ferrous parts and brass, and is now the most popular and widely used system in the world From an ecological point of view there is no problems in recycling the mud which will be free from impurities and filter aid. The turbo-floc system was designed and developed by Rösler and is now built and supported by them.

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