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Continuous Flow Machines

Wire Mesh Belt Machines

Wire Mesh Belt Machines

This machine type is excellent for an all-round and complete blasting treatment of flat as well as voluminous and very complex components in a continuous passing through process. With 4 or 8 high power Hurricane blast wheels, mounted around the housing (both vertically and horizontally inclined), it is also possible to treat very complex components, which have "pockets" or "blind cuttings". A highly wear-resistant wire mesh belt, with tension adjustment, serves for the part transport.

Wire Mesh Belt Machines

The special belt guiding enables the lower blast wheels to have to blast only through one belt position, which means that any masking is kept to a minimum.

Continuous Working Overhead Monorail Machines ("Mary go round")

Continuous Working Overhead Monorail Machines

The use of Rösler overhead rail shot blasting units is recommended for the treatment of sensitive parts which cannot be tumbled in bulk loads and for particularly complex, heavy, or large parts. Besides the monorail-system there are also the y track and power and free continuous system options available.

Continous Loop Belt Conveyor Through Feed Machine

Continous Loop Belt Conveyor Through Feed Machine

This type of Rösler continuous flow shot blasting machine is ideally suited for treating small, high volume bulk components. The special design of the V-shaped loop belt creates a screw like movement of the parts through the machine, which ensures even treatment of all parts.

Continuous Through Feed Tumble Belt Machines

Continuous Through Feed Tumble Belt Machines

With the development of a continuously operating through feed tumble belt system, Rösler has set new standards in fully automated finishing of components at the highest level. The system can be used for anything from high volume bulk components to components with complicated designs. The high throughput of this unit makes this design very economical, and opens up possibilities for flexible production schedules. This gives the potential for substantial cost savings, without sacrificing product quality or equipment reliability.

Tube and Bar Blasting Machines

Tube and Bar Blasting Machines

This complete and effective option of a "Profile Continuous Machine" enables the comprehensive and uniform shot blasting treatment of tubes and also round bar in a continuous process. Ideal for inclusion into an existing production facility.

Tube and Bar Blasting Machines

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